Bluehost and Hostgator server isn’t working with Contact Form 7 plugins.

Bluehost server is functional so it’s normally will be not work with contact form 7 plugins for wordpress. We need to configure it. It’ll be work all type of mail example (gmail, yahoo, yourdomain@com).

Step #1: Install your Contact form7 plugins.

Step#2: Install WP Mail SMTP plugins for working.

Step#3: You need to configure it -> Go to Settings -> Email ->

From Email: (Example)

From Name: deshisoft (Example)

Mailer: Send all WordPress emails via SMTP.



Username: Your hosting user name (cpanel user)

Password: Your hosting password (cpanel pass)

Send a Test Email: (Example)

Some Server isn’t working by this method (example: hostgator). So you need to follow another way if above the way is useless-

SMTP -> ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Connection refused (111)
SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.

I change the port 587 with TLS encryption protocol.

If it’s still this type of error please try this way:

Problem: contact form 7 confirms message has been successful, however message is not received with website hosting email address !!!!

nside the plug in directory for contact form 7, use your FTP program
go to: /includes/classes.php
edit as per below
$headers = “From: $sender\n”;
change to
//$headers = “From $sender\n”;

Emails that are being sent from your website are showing up in users inbox as “” you want like to change it from “wordpress@” to “”


Use a filter, added to functions.php of your theme:


//notification mail email change
function custom_email_from($mail) {
$mail = '';
return $mail;
//notification name change; optional
function custom_email_from_name($name) {
$name = get_bloginfo('wpurl');//or put your own text here
return $name;

That’s all

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