SmaterMail Server Configuration

How can i make own layout ?

For Local host link: http://localhost:9998/

Creating a New Skin Folder

The first step in making a new skin is to create a new skin folder. This is a simple procedure that is done in two different directories. From your local drive go into ―Program Files > SmarterTools > SmarterMail > MRS > App_Themes‖ directory and copy the folder named ―Horizon.‖ Paste this folder in the same place and give it the name of your new skin. Repeat this process in the ―MasterPages‖ directory located at the same level as ―App_Themes‖. Make sure to ONLY edit the files within your new skin folder.

Understanding the Directory Structure

The directory structure is broken down into two main sections, the ―App_Themes‖ directory and the ―MasterPages‖ directory. In both of these directories, there will be a subfolder for your new skin. In Figure 1 this subfolder is called ―Viridian.‖ This folder contains all the files you need to customize the Web interface.
Most of your simple changes—adjusting CSS styles and changing images—will focus on the files within [YourNewSkinName] subfolder in the ―App_Themes‖ directory. Main structural changes are done through the master pages in [YourNewSkinName] subfolder in the ―MasterPages‖ directory.

Tutorial for customization theme: smartertools_skinningguide

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